Lose 15 pounds in 15 days

How can you Lose 15 pounds in 15 days?

Lose 15 pounds in 15 days Many people try to lose extra weight because of many reasons. The reasons can be different. That can be maintaining good health, looking fit, a function, or trying new outfits according to someone’s wish. Gaining weight is easier than losing it but losing weight is possible by adopting a proper healthy lifestyle and that is easy to maintain throughout your whole life.
Most people postpone losing weight for a requirement or necessity. For this purpose, time can be short enough to get such a change but not to worry we are here to help you in such a situation.
Here are some methods that can be helpful to get a change in just 15 days. Steps are easy and you can add them to your daily routine.


Healthy breakfast for Lose 15 pounds in 15 days

Starting the day with a healthy and fresh morning you should not skip breakfast as this is the first important factor of your day. You should take a hefty breakfast including egg, a cup of tea, or coffee. Tea and coffee contain caffeine which keeps the mind active.

Manage your daily meal

Manage your daily meal to a certain calorie, which can be 1,200 calories per day. In the starting days you will feel hungry and dizzy as routine changes suddenly but your body will get the situation and will get used to it. This routine will help to plan light and easy activities for the 15 days as the calories mentioned may not be sufficient for strong and heavy activities.

Lose 15 pounds in 15 days

Avoid junk foods

Nature is full of wonders. It contains each and everything that one can require and use it according to their need. The second thing to lose weight is to avoid unhygienic and junk foods. Nature gave us the best gift ever in the form of fruits and vegetables. By avoiding junk and unhealthy food you can add vegetables and fruits to your meal. It contains all the vital nutrients one can need and can rely on. You can give yourself a challenge that I have to leave outside food for a while and it’s for sure u will get success.

Use of water

Lose 15 pounds in 15 days Drinking lots of water is a good step towards the loss of weight. Water has lots of health advantages. Drinking more water can improve the metabolism rate and can improve energy levels. Drinking more water can keep your kidneys healthy and you will urine a lot which is helpful in losing weight. Always try to avoid soft drinks as they can cause damage to your stomach and your health. It contains a large amount of sugar which is like a poison to your body.

Make your own list of food for Lose 15 pounds in 15 days

Another method is making your own list of food. Like what shall I eat today? How I am going to make it? Which items I shall use? How much should I use an item? Making the list you should keep in mind that I should not exceed the targeted calories. Making the list and cooking your own food will help you to control the ingredients. Keeping your goal in mind will help you to work properly and more honestly.

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making your own food list
making your own food list

Avoid sugary items

Outside food contains lots of sugar which is like a turbo to weight gaining. Try to avoid things that contain lots of sugar. These are chocolates, cakes, pastries, bread, and many more. Always eat hygienic and natural food. Always try to avoid sugar or minimize the quantity of it as sugar helps in gaining weight a lot.

Engage yourself

We usually do passive activities or eat more when we are bored or have nothing to do. You should avoid eating when it’s not important. You should keep yourself busy with friends or go for a walk or do exercise or yoga to feel good and peaceful.

Use of green tea

Green tea helps in burning extra calories and it also doesn’t have any calories which can help in gaining weight. Also, green tea can control your hunger. Take a cup of green tea in the night with no sugar it will help a lot in losing weight.

green tea
green tea

Maintain your sleep routine

Sleep also plays an important role in one’s health. If you get enough sleep you will be fresh and active all day. Getting proper sleep will restore and maximize your energy.


Make a proper routine of exercise throughout your whole day. If you are lowering the level of calories you should also make your exercise light and of low intensity. Exercise and walk is the best way you can lose weight and can gain good health.


Avoid stress

Do yoga as much as you can. You can join a support group to keep yourself busy and away from stress and anxiety. Keep yourself away from stress as it can lead to mental problems. You should be stress-free to enjoy your life and health by adopting a proper and healthy lifestyle.

Regular meals only to Lose 15 pounds in 15 days

Take your regular meals only. They should be on time. Make a timetable for it. Taking the meal on time will control your hunger and you will not feel attraction towards extra food. Also, avoid mid-time meals during the day if it is not necessary.


Good health is a gift from God. We can keep ourselves healthy and fit by taking good care of this valuable gift. Some want to gain weight while others want to lose it depends on the requirement and desire. For losing weight there are many methods you can apply. Follow healthy guidelines and do exercise especially in the morning. Don’t stress out about work or get frustrated over small things as they are draining your energy, health, and precious moments of your life. Also, make a timetable for your routine so that you can keep yourself busy and away from worries. Stay healthy and strong.the end

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