Best Hair Care Home Remedie

Haircare God made us in a beautiful way. We, humans, are the best creation of God. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
Our hair care is one of the beautiful parts of our body. It needs care, nourishment, and a healthy lifestyle. Hairs get damaged easily when exposed to the environment that is not suitable for it that’s why it needs extra care and attention. Heat hair styling, using harsh products, carelessness in washing, and many others can cause lots of damage to the hair. Here are some remedies that can help to take care of your hairs and they are easy too.


Use of oils

The use of oils can nourish the scalp. It strengthens the roots and gives shine to the hairs. Massage of the scalp with hot oil can give better results and it also helps in growing hairs and gives strength to the roots.

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use oil
use oil


Don’t wash your hairs daily

Washing your hairs daily washes away the sebum present in the scalp for hair care. Sebum is a natural oil that keeps the hair shiny and easy to maintain. The sebum nourishes the scalp. Give your hair a chance to get this nourishment. Try not to wash your hair on a daily basis. Wash your hair once in a week.

do not wash hair daily
do not wash hair daily


Split ends look bad and also stops the length of the hairs. Split ends can make your hair look dry or coarse and it can be difficult to have a hairstyle. Give your hairs trim every 2 or 3 months. That should not be cutting the whole but a little trim is necessary as it also makes a road to give length to your hairs. After a few months, your damaged hair will be replaced by new growth.


Use of iron and vitamins

Daily intake is also important for your health. Diet should be proper and healthy if it is according to the requirements then your health and looks will be the results of the diet. Nourish your body from the inside.
The use of protein, iron, and vitamins rich ingredients can make a difference. Certain vitamins are important and have an impact on your nails and hairs. Add vitamins and iron to your schedule.


iron and vitamins
iron and vitamins

Stop hair dryers

Heat damages the hairs a lot. If you wash your hairs and using of the dryer instead of a towel or cloth to dry your hairs then actually you are misbehaving with your hairs. Try to wrap your hair with a towel or cloth. Stop using hair dryers.

Use of water

The use of water is also an aspect. For washing, hairs do not use hot water as it damages the hair and washes away the shine and luster. Try to use medium water and also try to add a few drops of essential oils in the water.

Use of water
Use of water

Hair care masks

Use hair masks once or twice a week. Egg, yogurt, banana, and avocado masks are really useful. It will give luster and strength to your hairs if your hairs are frizzy and dry. Use homemade hair masks.

Drink plenty of water

Drink much water as you can to stay hydrated. Water will prevent your hairs from drying out. Water is also important for clear skin and good health.

Use of hair care products

Use mild and chemical-free products for your hair. Companies promise to give us trustful products yet they contain chemicals which damage our hairs. Products that contain silicone, alcohol, and sulfates do not use these. Use baby shampoo for your hairs as they can be trustable.

Protect your hairs from the sun

hair care the Sun is an important component of our life. It is a source of energy and light. But yet it has some rays which are harmful to us. Staying outside in the sun for a long time causes sunburn, skin diseases, and tan. Our hair and skin are the exposed parts. Just like your skin covers your hair while going outside in the sun. Use sunblock for your skin and hat or a scarf for your hair.

Protect your hairs from the sun
Protect your hairs from the sun

Scalp massage

Massage can stimulate blood circulation. Make it a habit of massaging your hair. Use your fingertips for this purpose.

Hair care pulling

Hairstyling makes you pull your hair. This causes weakening of the roots. Do have hairstyles but you should avoid too much pulling of it. Braid your hairs when you are not going out.the end

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