Best Hair care tips for thin hairs

Best Haircare tips for thin hairs

Good health is a blessing Haircare tips Everyone wants to have a healthy and awesome life. It needs efforts and proper care routine.
Every girl desires to have long, thick and strong hairs. But pollution and the use of styling tools and coloring may damage the hair and make it weak, thin, and dry. This can also be the reason for the hair to break. Going for a hair treatment may seem the only way to revive your hair, but here are some simple tips that can help you to maintain your hair on a regular basis. Here’s how you can make your hair thick, long, and strong.

Home remedies for hair care




Our hair is the exposed part of the environment Haircare. It can be harsh for it and can cause damage to the hair. Protect your hair from the sun, wind, and rain. Exposure to excessive sun, heat, dirt, and pollution causes huge damage to the hairs. These can lead to frizzy, unhealthy, and drying out of hair and scalp problems. Cover your hair with an umbrella, scarf, or hat. It will protect you from the direct damage.

Wet hair

When you wash your hair it becomes more fragile and can break easily. During shampooing your hair you should be careful. Do not mess with your hair as this may lead to breakage. Also do not brush your hair immediately after shampooing as roots become more exposed.





After shampooing use a moisturizing conditioner. It nourishes hair. This will give your hair shine and will be easy to maintain.

Heat on hair

Stop using heat on your hair. The use of heat carries away all the shine of the hair and leaves it frizzy and dull. Use a straightener, and curl when it is necessary.


Use of oil

When the base is strong anything can face the storm. Just like this, our hair needs a strong base and roots. You should nourish your hair with a proper care routine. Massage your scalp with oil. It will strengthen the roots, will give shine, and will give length to hairs. Almond, coconut, castor, olive, and mustard oil are really helpful for hair. Warm the oil slightly as this will fasten the regulation of the blood.




Use of rice water

Soak rice in water. Leave it for a while so that the water gets cloudy. Separate the water from the rice and spray the water on your hair. Leave it for at least half an hour and then shampoo it according to your wish.


Healthy food

Your diet affects your hair health. In good the condition you are, the better your hair looks. Make a proper and healthy list of your diet. Add healthy and fresh ingredients to your list. It will boost your immune system and will give you good health. Add most of the vegetables and protein-enriched food.

Dandruff treatment

Dandruff is also one of the reasons to weaken the hair roots. It also looks bad in your hair. Use a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar, and castor oil with coconut or mustard, or olive oil for this purpose. These things are good for the removal of fungal diseases from your hair.




Use of chemicals

Avoid the use of chemicals as these will takes away the natural luster of the hair. These chemicals are not good for hair as well as for the environment also. So it is better to use products that are got naturally or herbal.


Protein intake

Add protein-enrich food to your list. Protein helps in the growth of new hair and also good for nails. Milk, egg, beans, spinach are good in proteins. It is important to eat fruits, vegetables, and high-protein foods to give your hair, strength naturally.


Trim your hair after six months. Trimming will remove split ends and will let your hairs get length as split ends to stop the hair to grow.


Length of your hair

If you have thin hairs then you should avoid long hairs. Long hairs take away all the energy and during brushing, you lose lots of hair. Get used to having short hair as they are easy to maintain and taking care of it is also easy. It needs not that much effort as the long hair does.

Useful products

If you want to apply company products on your hair then you should buy trustable and good company products. If you want good hair then you should also spend money on it as these days good products not come that much easier.

Haircare Everyone desires to have good looks and healthy life. Good things need efforts and desires and time. If you want to be something in life work for it, crave it, make it your obsession. Do not leave your struggle in the middle of nowhere. If you want to quit, then remember why you started it.the end
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